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Time & Attendance Solutions
From Workloud

Workloud has all the features you need to manage your workforce, from collecting time and approving exceptions to signing-off on timesheets and exporting to payroll. In fact, Workloud’s Time & Attendance software is the most affordable solution in the industry based on the amount of standard features included in each Time & Attendance application.

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Time & Attendance Implementation

We’ll set-up your Time & Attendance Saas solution to meet your labor management requirements including:

  • Wage Rates
  • Labor Codes
  • Earning’s Codes
  • Pay Policies

That way, your Time & Labor solution works for you, and that’s different from manual systems and even less robust software solutions where you’re still working hard to make workforce management work at all.

Time & Attendance Automation

Our Time & Attendance software includes several automated processes that enhance your time and labor capabilities including:

  • Pay Code Calculations
  • Configurable Pay Rules
  • Track and Assign Attendance Points
  • Real Time & Meaningful Notifications

Automated processes reduce the time it takes to manage the employee time and attendance needs of your organization while reducing costly errors that result from manual operations.

Time & Attendance Operation

A wide variety of operational efficiencies are standard with Workloud’s Time & Attendance software. Some of these include:

  • Handle Exceptions
  • Approve Timesheets
  • Collect Time
  • Export to Payroll

Our Time & Attendance system includes workflows and operational methods that reduce the time it takes to manage your workforce and saves money by reducing redundancies and eliminating errors.

Time & Attendance

The advantages of utilizing Workloud’s Time & Attendance software are limitless because the solution is scalable from small and mid-size business to businesses with 20,000 employees or more. These time and labor advantages include:

  • Be 75% more compliant than manual systems
  • Save time in workforce management with advanced workflows and automation
  • Enhance transparency and accessibility throughout your operation
  • Quick and easy implementation increases rapid time to value
  • Save money by streamlining all labor management activities with one end-to-end standardized tool
  • Grow your business without worry through Workloud’s scalable Time & Attendance solution