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Employee Mobile Solutions
From Workloud

There are certainly mobile applications in workforce management suites that provide employee viewing options, but many are rudimentary and foster little in the way of true interaction – unless you want to pay more for that. With Workloud’s Employee Mobile SaaS solution, you’ll have so many standard features that you will truly elevate employee communication and engagement.

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Employee Mobile

Because implementation of the Workloud Employee Mobile solution is fast and simple, you’ll be able to build immediately on employee engagement and interactions with these features:

  • Scheduling and Volunteering Requests
  • Timesheet Submissions From Anywhere
  • Vacation Planning
  • Job Bidding and Swapping Requests

The benefits to Workloud’s Employee Mobile application are swift and timesaving. As part of an end-to-end single resource workforce management tool, the Mobile soultion will provide standardization across your entire enterprise.

Employee Mobile

Now more than ever, visibility, transparency and providing opportunities for employee growth are hallmarks of a successful workforce culture. Workloud’s Employee Mobile solution provides these automated benefits:

  • Turn On/Turn Off Leave Request Features
  • Automated Notifications and Communications
  • Employee Access to Schedules From Anywhere
  • Automated Communication With Employees For Demand-Driven Scheduling

Employee Mobile

Let’s face it, employees want convenient and immediate access to their schedules and scheduling activities. With the following operations through Workloud’s Employee Mobile solution, they’ll have everything they need:

  • Ability to View Schedules
  • Capabilities to Enter Time
  • Request Time-Off When Needed
  • Ability to Volunteer or Swap Jobs

Employee Mobile

With Workloud’s Employee Mobile Solution, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of features that build a higher performing and more content workforce. Where others upcharge for these types of features, you and your workforce will benefit from these advantages which are standard in Workloud’s product offering.

  • An intuitive mobile application that’s simple for employees to use
  • A cloud-based solution that compresses the rapid time to value cycle and saves money
  • A mobile solution that highlights labor scheduling transparency throughout an organization
  • A seamless application that enhances communication and engagement between employers and employees
  • Provides employees with growth opportunities through greater connectivity to management and open positions
  • Places the most advanced technologies in the hands of employees and empowers them to perform at higher levels