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Manage your workforce with inspiration.

Time & Attendance


Absence Management

Workloud is a modern workforce management SaaS company of the people, by the people and for the people. And those people are you and your employees. We make your employees more productive, empowered and engaged. And we do it with our end-to-end cloud-based Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance, and Absence Management solutions.

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Get more workforce management for less.

Time & Attendance

Workloud has all the features you need to manage your workforce, from collecting time and approving exceptions to signing-off on timesheets and exporting to payroll.

Employee Mobile

It's everything your employees need to be more engaged and it's everything you want to effectively communicate with your workforce.

Absence Management

Managing leave and vacation requests has never been easier, and you can fill unexpected vacancies real-time and on-the-fly.

Employee Scheduling

Our scheduling expertise is second to none. Leverage your labor staffing standards, automate schedule generation, efficiently handle call ins and last minute changes, and solve problems automatically with our smart backfill tool –among other handy features.

  • Work Harder!
  • Have Fun!
  • Transparency!

What does it mean to Work Loud?

Work Smarter

Come see the positive impact we can make to your Work-Life balance with our sustainable and caring customer experience.

  • Innovation!
  • Collaboration!
  • Engagement!

Free White Paper
Understanding the Myth of Millennial Workers

Learn why businesses are changing their views of the Millennial workforce, and how they’re leveraging workforce management systems to facilitate a stronger culture.

Workloud is for YOU!

It's a win-win

Our technology is used with very large customers as well as smaller businesses and that means small businesses receive enterprise-grade functionality and large businesses receive usable software that employees love.


The Workloud promise.

  • Opportunity

    With Workloud, opportunity is knocking and, of course, it’s loud. Your workforce will have greater opportunities for growth through greater engagement and interaction, while leveraging modern technology.

  • Respect

    Workloud strengthens the lines of communication in your organization and at the same time promotes transparency and a caring culture. In the end, that spells R-E-S-P-E-C-T.


The value of engagement.

  • Balance

    A productive workforce is a balanced workforce. With Workloud’s features, employees find the sweet spot in their Work-Life balance and that can lead to a sweeter bottom line.

  • Flexibility

    By offering flexibility in employee scheduling like shift swapping, volunteering and time-off requests, your workforce will become more engaged with the jobs at hand.


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