Our upfront investment in you will have a positive return on investment for all.

Our 10-Stage Customer Success Program is ready, willing and able.

Able to get you going and become operational. Ready to teach, train and be there when you need it. And not just getting you ready upfront, but having your back as long as you have Workloud. Traditional software solutions often fail at the start, or eventually in the end, because every day users are not given enough attention. We strive to disrupt this tradition by making users our central focus. With our targeted guidance, users build and implement Workloud themselves. They understand the “how and why” of the software. We’ll also help them maintain post-implementation momentum with on-demand help and proactive check-ins.

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By using our Implementation Playbook, you’re always making the right call.

Our Playbook Implementation methodology is a series of specific online training workshops structured to prepare Workloud customers for success. This approach provides users immediate hands-on training. After each workshop, personally led by our Customer Success Managers, there are data entry tasks and configuration requirements that the participants must complete prior to proceeding to the next workshop. The incremental solution approach allows our customers to control the implementation pace. Customer Success Managers have structured the workshops to follow a best-practice approach to building out Workloud.

While users progress through the workshops, our Customer Advocacy Team is available to address their implementation questions. Workloud also features an extensive library of Knowledge Base articles to help guide users through system set-up and use.

Having great customer support that’s sustainable is now attainable.

After completion of the workshops, customers seamlessly transition to our Customer Advocacy Services where they have complete and constant access to a wealth of materials and knowledge services. These support services are designed with sustainability in mind.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Standard Configuration Support
  • In-depth chat and call back support (8am – 5pm CST)
  • Access to Knowledge Base Articles
  • Access to the User Community
  • Access to the Announcement Center
  • Access to In-Application, Context Sensitive Help
  • Access to pre-recorded Workshops and training materials
  • Periodic, proactive check-ins by Customer Success Manager