Is it possible today to manage absences in the future?

Yes, but only when you have the future of absence management in your workplace.

Think for a minute about absence management. Yes, we know, and we’re sympathetic. Now think about a future where absenteeism could be managed 12-months in advance, a future where volunteerism is automated, where constraints are adhered to, and a future where last minute scheduling is handled with an okay rather than a no way. Welcome to Workloud, just think of us as your in-house compliance officer, employee scheduler, and absentee management manager.

Over 90% of our customers have indicated that the Workloud solution adds efficiencies to daily scheduling. *

*Independent research conducted by TMA+Peritus, 2015

Absence Management Benefits

  • Manage all types of leave requests while balancing production demands.

  • Plan vacation time by seniority and employee capabilities.

  • Allows HR to reward good attendance and penalize poor attendance.

  • Fill unexpected vacancies and absences real-time and on-the-fly.

  • Manage accrual balances real-time through Workloud software efficiencies.

  • Administer leave accruals, probationary periods and balance rules.

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Workloud has developed an absence management software application that can only be described by the acronym AMU, no, not the Atomic Mass Unit, but Absence Management Utopia. That’s because you’ll never schedule employees work constraints again, your employees can schedule vacation periods based on rules 12-months in advance, and you can problem solve real-time. Have a no-show, no problem? Know you’re going to have a demand surge, you already know thy volunteers? It’s utopia all over again, and again, and again.