Workloud reduces the work in workforce management.

Spend more time processing manufacturing than processing employee paperwork.

You’ve heard it time and again, labor costs can amount to as much as 70% of your total facility expenses. We understand the need to invest in equipment, quality control, production flow enhancements, and other manufacturing upgrades. But the fact remains, for a relatively modest capital investment, you can fine-tune the most important equipment in your entire operation, your human capital. Over the years, Workloud has saved manufacturers tens of millions of dollars by delivering best-in-class software that sweetens the bottom line.

Over 85% of Workloud’s customers have indicated they have realized positive, quantifiable financial results from using our software. *

*Independent research conducted by TMA+Peritus, 2015


    With labor costs sky high and continuing to rise, Workloud is able to optimize your labor spending so you can maximize output.


    Just think how much better life would be for you, your managers, schedulers and employees with Workloud in your workplace.


    Managing absences on the fly, or planning for absences up to one year in advance is simple and routine with Workloud.

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We have seen a significant increase in operational efficiency. Now we know we have the right number of people scheduled for what we are being asked to produce.

Paul Herold
Plant Manager
Nestle´ Pizza