We Offer Flexible Subscription Pricing Plans

  • Time And Attendance


    Per Employee Per Month

    • Subscription fee provides a sustainable solution year after year without upgrade costs.
    • Complete accuracy for employee time accounting is the foundation of workforce management.
    • Automates the employee time collection process.
    • Eliminates manual calculation of employee time.
    • Minimizes Wage and Hour compliance exposure.
    • Eliminates manual error prone process.
    • Studies show a 3%-7% reduction in payroll costs.
    • Designed for hourly and salaried employees.
    • Configurable rules engine quickly adapts to customer business requirements.
    • Flags expectations like excessive OT, missing punches and attendance violations.
    • Takes the guess work out PTO accrual calculations.
    • Exports employee totals by pay category to payroll.
  • Demand Driven Scheduling


    Per Employee Per Month

    • Ability to understand demand drivers affecting employee scheduling requirements.
    • Embedded Labor Standards are systematically enforced.
    • Immediate visibility into over/under staffing situations.
    • Schedules people by preferences, seniority and skills.
    • On-the-fly problem solving tools that fill unanticipated labor shortages with the correct person.
    • Systematizes annual vacation planning processes.
    • Enforces the number of allowable planned absences by job type and skill.
    • Monitors certifications and skills keeping them up to date.
    • Manages overtime cost, utilizing volunteering or reverse seniority forcing.
    • Reduces or eliminate union grievances due to scheduling errors.
    • Mobile Employee provides viewing schedules, volunteers for OT, requests for time off and access to accrual balances.
    • Notification engine automates the workflow process of pushing information to employees.
  • Time And Attendance & Absence Management & Demand Driven Scheduling


    Per Employee Per Month

    • Single application leverages two critical elements of Workforce Management; Time and Attendance and Employee Scheduling.
    • Compares employee’s time and attendance to their schedule which is imperative for determining who is early, Who is late, Who is absent and who is on premise.
    • Facilitates employee attendance tracing policies which remove inconsistencies in enforcements.
    • Allows HR to reward good attendance and penalize poor attendance.
    • Actionable visibility into unit cost, because we reconcile labor hours against labor standards.
    • Reports actual vs planned variances.
    • Vendor consolidation eliminates finger pointing and the blame game. Everything in a single application.
    • Mobile Supervisor allows for access of all information via tablet on the floor in real-time.
    • Monitors constraint violations like too many hours in a day or too many hours in a week.
    • Enhances employee engagement in your business.

Our 10-stage implementation process prepares you for success.

Our implementation methodology, led by a dedicated Customer Success Manager, is a series of online training workshops structured to prepare our Workloud Customers for success. You control the implementation pace while our Customer Success Team leads you through the process.