Here’s the winning process in process manufacturing.

Align production with demand and reduce per unit costs.

Our demand driven workforce management software is the top choice for manufacturers looking to better align their production requirements with their skills based labor. With our Demand Driven Scheduling, Time & Attendance, and Absence Management software, process manufacturers can reduce costly errors that drive-up payroll expenses, stay consistently compliant, and schedule labor on-the-fly when needed.

Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing Benefits

  • Automation

    Automate swapping, volunteering and overtime scheduling through Scheduling Method Builder

  • Compliance

    Configure detailed and specific compliance rules so employees work only when they should

  • Balance Demand

    Manage all types of leave requests while balancing production demands

  • Mobile Employee

    Allows employees to balance work and home life and enhances engagement in the business

  • Time Tracking

    Accessible time clocks and time sheet applications track all new entries and monitor changes

  • Mobile Supervisor

    Allows supervisors to make decisions on the floor and in the field increasing productivity

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Workloud process manufacturing customers unanimously agree that the Workloud application lowers per unit costs.*

*Independent research conducted by TMA+Peritus, 2015