There are no shortcuts in long term care

The right workforce management prescription is Workloud.

Payroll-Based Journal Mandatory Submissions Begin July 1, 2016. Are You Ready?

Our solution ensures compliance with PBJ staffing and reporting requirements, and gives you the ability to flex your staffing models by facility as census levels change. With Workloud’s tools, you’ll be able to highlight staffing levels and recommend qualified alternatives to fill any gaps, while remaining compliant and keeping overtime costs in check.

Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) is not your friend. But it can be.

Understand what’s really driving the Center for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) to call for mandatory staffing submissions, and the five things you need to be doing today that CMS isn’t telling you.

Act today on PBJ. Get the PDF on 5 actions you need to take now.

No industry is changing faster than the healthcare industry, and long term care is a large part of that change.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities need Workloud’s workforce management software to make certain all staffing levels are tracked, all employee turnover and tenure is monitored, and all information regarding hours of care by each employee staffing level, for every resident on every single day, is accounted for. It’s a monumental task that’s simplified by Workloud.

WorkLoud Long Term Care Software

Today's long-term care facilities face economic, legislative, and demographic changes that are transforming the industry.

Quality of Care
Quality of Care

Long Term Care Benefits

  • Compliance

    Ensures compliance with Section 6106 staffing accountability with required electronic staffing data submission into your organization’s payroll-based journal

  • Ratings

    Allows you to maintain or increase your facility ratings through better staff reporting and monitoring

  • Employee Qualification

    On-the-fly problem solving tools ensure the most qualified employees are on the job and employee absences are handled quickly and without delay

  • Mobile Employee

    Allows employees to balance work and home life and enhances engagement in the business

  • Rule Management

    Configurable rule management tools ensure time and attendance accuracy

  • Mobile Supervisor

    Allows supervisors to make decisions on the floor and in the field increasing productivity

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