Food for thought in the food and beverage industry.

This is no cookie-cutter software.

We got our start in food and beverage manufacturing 19 years ago and we haven’t looked back. Demand driven scheduling is a critical part of the manufacturing process and just-in-time production can mean just-in-time workforce management. Manual efforts and primitive technology offerings don’t do the trick anymore. Now you need Workloud’s Demand Driven Scheduling, Time & Attendance, and Absence Management software to drive bottom line results.

Want to benchmark your operation against hundreds of other Workloud customers? It can’t hurt and you might gain a few insights.

Food and Beverage

Case Study - Welch's

If you’ve ever wondered where Welch’s sparkling grape juice is made, look no further than Lawton, MI., located less than 25 miles from Kalamazoo. In September of 2013, the Welch’s Lawton plant transitioned to the Workloud workforce management software application with great success. With more than 70 full-time employees, this manufacturing facility is responsible for all of Welch’s sparkling juice production in the United States. Production demands are complex and change each week depending on factors such as what type of juice is being produced, the amount of railcars available for product distribution, and the supply of raw materials entering the production flow.

Food & Beverage Benefits

  • Automation

    Automate swapping, volunteering and overtime scheduling through Scheduling Method Builder

  • Monitoring

    Monitor all employee qualifications and keep them compliant with Qualification Management requirements

  • Time Tracking

    Accessible time clocks and time sheet applications track all new entries and monitor changes

  • Mobile Employee

    Allows employees to balance work and home life and enhances engagement in the business

  • Attendance

    Intelligent tools allow management and HR to reward good attendance and penalize poor attendance

  • Mobile Supervisor

    Allows supervisors to make decisions on the floor and in the field increasing productivity

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Workloud has skimmed 4 hours a week off of my scheduling process. It has saved us both time and money, and the employees love the mobile application

Allison Shockley