What should process manufacturers demand from a demand scheduling company?

Innovation, invention, ingenuity and industry know-how, of course.

Pardon our chest thumping, but it’s not just about being different, it’s about being better.

And better we are. Sure, our software solutions for Demand Driven Scheduling, Time & Attendance, and Absence Management are second to none, but so are our support services, our training programs, our ability to configure to your needs, and our proven track record of being a great provider. For us, being a great software provider means being able to offer a product that’s sustainable, that grows when you grow, but doesn’t grow in cost every time there’s an update or a new release. And as corny as it sounds, the reason why we can pull this off is because of our people. We wish you could meet them, and one day you will, but for now, look below and see the talent that will rise you above.

We wouldn’t be great leaders without great employees.

  • Greg Flessas
    CEO & Founder

    As founder and CEO, of Workloud, Greg has spent the past 19 years driving the company’s vision, strategy and growth. Greg works tirelessly to achieve the goal of disrupting the global workforce management industry so that employees and organizations are empowered to increase their productivity and financial well-being. Greg is a hands-on leader who has influenced virtually every department at Workloud including software development, product management, sales, service, finance, legal and human resources.

  • Pat Liegel
    COO & CFO

    Pat has over 30 years of financial management experience, with the last 15 years in the software industry. Before Workloud, Pat served as COO for Broadcast Interactive Media, a SaaS company operating in the broadcast and digital ad media space. Prior to that, he was the owner and CFO of Metrix LLC, a software company for the field service marketplace. In 2006, Pat and two other partners purchased Metrix, rebuilt the company and finally sold it at twenty five times the original capital investment.

  • Tom Bowe
    Chief Technology Officer

    Tom Bowe has over 15 years of experience in developing, marketing and selling business software applications. Tom is 100% convinced; being creative and agile as an individual and a company is crucial for success. Prior to Workloud, Tom was the Global Industry Director for the Enterprise Service Management at IFS which entailed formulating and communicating future product directions and strategies around the world. Tom also led the development of IFS’ Field Service Management software and mobile applications.

  • Tommy Schroeder
    VP Product Management

    Responsible for Workloud’s product vision and strategic initiatives, Tommy works to ensure that the company continuously delivers the most innovative and sustainable software solutions to customers. Tommy is a founding member of the Workloud product team and has been instrumental in defining the software roadmap for the corporation. He started his career with Workloud as the Manager of Customer Support and transitioned to being an Application Engineer before assuming his current position.

  • George Vakaros
    General Manager, Workloud S.M.P.C.

    George has over 25 years of IT experience in Greece and the U.S. Before Workloud, he served as Managing Director for Arrow Technologies s.a., a company focused on european union funded IT projects. He has also served as Director of the Technology Park of Thessaloniki, Marketing Director of IT products for Epsilon Systems s.a. in Athens, and Head of the computer science department of City College in Thessaloniki. In the U.S., George has worked as an IT researcher for Kodak, Logicon, Institute for Defense Analyses, and the FAA.