Think of us as the force in workforce management.

We’re the single most important source for demand driven scheduling - may the source be with you.

For the last 20 years, Workloud from ScheduleSoft, has been a mainstay for managers, supervisors, schedulers and employees, who work in process manufacturing, long term care, food and beverage processing, and public safety. With solutions that combine Time and Attendance, Absence Management, and Demand Driven Scheduling, Workloud is the one source that serves as a workforce management ERP, tracker, scheduler, and processor of all things that live and breathe within your organization.

100% of Workloud customers would recommend the company to others, and also believe that it’s the top solution for managing their single largest expense.*

*Independent research conducted by TMA+Peritus, 2015

Real Time Management Makes Everything Better


SaaS software can improve your company's past, present and future.

In business, the ripple effects of daily decision-making extend throughout a company’s operations. From human resources to supply chain to profit margins, every action taken by labor and management connects with a company’s other short-term and long-term activities. As a result, decisions made in an instant often shape events during the same hour, or the same day, or the same week, or the same year.

SaaS software can simplify day-to-day operations, increase transparency, and mitigate risks before they become problems.

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Workloud Benefits

  • Handle Complexity With Simplicity

    Workloud has the ability to simplify complex tasks. We take the most complex issues facing your company and resolve them with easy to use Workforce Management Software.

  • Manage Productivity and Profitability

    With Workloud, our users see the whole of their parts, not just the parts.  Our software is an end-to-end solution that can offer you a real-time snapshot of performance, productivity and profitability.

  • Timely Software Enhancements

    We like what we offer; the scalability to grow as you grow and technological sustainability so you’ll receive great software with many enhancements for as long as you’re a subscriber.

  • Match Product Demand to Labor Supply

    Complete alignment with the two most important tasks you’re tasked with. Our demand driven scheduling software, which is a just-in-time manager of employees, matches your prodution demands to your viable labor.

  • Manage Employee Expectations

    It’s not just managing employees, it’s managing employee expectations. Their expectations are for transparency, enhanced engagement and compliance – those are the attributes of Workloud.

  • Ten-Week Implementation

    Get started with Workloud today and you’ll be working smarter in 10 weeks. We have developed a comprehensive on-boarding process that provides the tools to configure, input data, and successfully implement your software.

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Our SaaS model is the model of cost savings and efficiencies.

No secret here, cost is almost always a barrier to entry:

but not with Workloud; because of our Software as a Service (SaaS) model, and our low, upfront investment, you can quicken the ROI and lower your per unit production costs.

You’ve heard it before, maybe even seen it, too. High costs of entry to get into workforce management software. More high costs for customizing a solution. And then, to add insult to injury, more costs for each release, and sometimes, more customization. But with Workloud’s Software as a Service model, your business can have access to the preeminent labor management software solution at a far lower cost, and you’re not going to get nickel and dimed like other providers. It’s the same monthly subscription fee without any surprises. And because our software is intuitive and user friendly, we’ll have you up and running in as little as two months.

Our use of Workloud has been going very well. As far as the mobile app goes, the officers enjoy that they can access an up to date version of the schedule at any time. Overall, the experience has been very good. Customer service goes a long way in my book and you guys have been on top of that.

Robert Meyer
Saukville Police Department

What makes us tick? For starters, we put the knowledge in technology.

We understand how critical labor scheduling is to your success and now there’s a solution that combines both time and attendance and labor scheduling into a single tightly woven application. And because we know technology, look what we’ve been able to do.


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